Welcome to Farmlore

Where life blooms

Farmlore is a new community taking root in the heart of Brighton, Colorado. Farmlore’s warm, rural character will blend beautiful new homes with the area’s rich agricultural roots creating a friendly, small-town vibe all its own.

Plant new roots.

Long ago, prospectors were lured to this Colorado land by the promise of gold. It wasn’t long before they discovered that the real treasure was in the fertile farms they soon tended with care, while raising close-knit families with simple values.

The City of Brighton was born of this farming lore over 150 years ago. Its welcoming western spirit and rich agricultural roots still run deep. It’s a place where pride, friendship, kinship with nature, love of family and a true spirit of community are etched into the land.

From newcomers to neighbors.

Twenty-first century homesteading at Farmlore means an inspiring choice of attainable new homes for families of all shapes and sizes. Carefully crafted by some of Colorado’s most trusted homebuilders.

family dinner
young girl with fresh strawberries

Where family life flourishes.

Farmlore will be filled with inspiration for getting closer to nature—and neighbors. Whether it’s lending a green thumb in future community garden beds. Tossing a football or tuckering out the kids at the planned parks and playgrounds. Cooling off at the future pool—the best place to while away a summer’s day. Or tracing the trails that link to the old “wagon road.”

A splendid valley.

Brighton is a rare place where people still believe in the value of being responsible stewards of the land. Here, growth is happening hand-in-hand with community-driven conservation and the future is tangibly connected to the past.