The Community

Home of the big brick barn.

(And generations of happy families.)

A half mile west of I-76 and just past the new and growing Prairie Center, Farmlore’s iconic big brick barn comes into view. Standing proud over this former family farm for over 80 years, it’s being lovingly restored and envisioned as a vibrant gathering hub for the community.

Farmlore’s sprawling 500 acres were once home to the Davis farm, where three generations grew thousands of prized peonies, tulips, gladiolas and baby’s-breath for retailers all over the country.

When complete, the community will comprise a harmonious mix of simple farm fencing, water-smart landscaping that may include neat rows of orchard trees, seasonal crops, edible gardens—and, of course, rows of bright blossoms. This warm, rural character will be beautifully woven into the tapestry of the town as if it evolved organically over time. Its wonderful slice of farmstead life will harken back to a time when foot and pedal power were the preferred modes of transportation, kids on bikes outnumbered cars, and neighbors could be spotted chatting over coffee or lemonade on the front porch.