The Farmlore Community

It begins with the land.

Farmlore’s sprawling 476 acres were once home to four separate farms. From 1944 to 1948, Rees T. “R.T.” Davis Jr. established the 400-acre Davis farm on this land. Here, three Davis generations grew thousands of prized peonies, tulips, gladiolas and baby’s breath for retailers all over the country. This proud history, paired with the bright future of the Splendid Valley, inspires the unique spirit of Farmlore.

When complete, the community will comprise a harmonious mix of simple farm fencing and water-smart landscaping that honors the agricultural flavor of the area. Additional farm-inspired touches could include raised beds of bright blossoms that bring seasonal color to the barn and small pockets of drought-tolerant plants, perhaps tended by garden-loving community volunteers. 

This warm, rural character will be beautifully woven into the tapestry of the town as if it evolved organically over time. The transition from nature to neighborhoods will be seamless. 


When complete Farmlore will offer residents a wonderful mix of amenities including a planned rec center, outdoor pool, playgrounds and a right-in-the-community elementary school.

Parks & Trails

Farmlore beckons exploration of over 60 acres of open space including 4 neighborhood parks, a large community park, adjacent regional park and miles of trails.

The Barn

Farmlore’s historic 10,000-square-foot barn is being lovingly restored as the centerpiece of the community. Its future use will be thoughtfully-planned to complement the local area and the residents who call Farmlore home.