The Farmlore Barn

A couple miles west of I-76, just past the new and growing Prairie Center, Farmlore’s iconic big brick barn comes into view. Standing proud over this former family farm for over 80 years, it’s being lovingly restored as the vibrant hub of happy gatherings for the whole community.

The 10,000-square-foot barn (once the place where flower bulbs were stored) will be the beating heart of the community, with its lofty spaces open to the outdoors. Perhaps edged in welcoming lawns, garden patches and communal tables where friends and neighbors convene.

Possibilities for the space could run the gamut from a restaurant, coffee shop or brewery to an event space, community gathering place or local farmers market. Welcoming all generations to a fresh take on farm life inspired by the Splendid Valley.

Explore the amenities planned for Farmlore.

There are lots of great amenities planned for residents of Famlore.