Brighton Farmers Markets

Fresh produce from nearby fields.
For a glimpse into the green heart of Brighton’s history, the Splendid Valley is a truly wondrous place to visit the local farms that supply Denver’s farmers markets and metro area communities with high-quality fruits, vegetables and nursery crops fresh from the fields. All while discovering the people and passion that foster a significant part of the area’s identity—a proud farming legacy that’s been passed down for generations.
Farmlore is a special place where residents have access to several local farmers markets offering fresh, field-to-table produce from right nearby. Ultimately, the Splendid Valley plan will offer additional experiences that support local farmers and create closer connections between people, farming and nature, like buzzy farm-to-table restaurants, breweries, food halls and markets.

Get to know the farmers markets near Farmlore.

Fresh produce is easy to find at any of Brighton’s local farmers markets. See what’s available right outside your door.