Brighton’s Historic Splendid Valley

Stewarding the area’s agricultural history.

Recognizing the importance of the region’s prolific farming heritage, the City of Brighton has partnered with Adams County, with the expertise of The Conservation Fund, to preserve one of Colorado’s few remaining urban agricultural areas. Keeping the fertile land in the deserving hands of local farmers and growers whose legacies date back as far as the late 1850s. Taking its inspiration from the pioneering founder of the City of Brighton, who in 1881 famously remarked on the “splendid valley of the Platte”, this designated 5,000-acre swath of agrarian history is aptly named the “Historic Splendid Valley.”

young girl with fresh strawberries

Community-driven conservation.

Today, Brighton’s Historic Splendid Valley successfully preserves some 445 acres of prime farmland, along with a conservation easement, with the goal of protecting as much of the land as possible as a way to keep agriculture alive in the metro area. As part of this bold vision to honor the area’s agricultural roots with intentional growth, Farmlore will bridge the past and the future in the heart of Brighton.